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Playing With Dramatic Light

I have this image that keeps recurring in my mind. It involves the cold blue feeling of a dark winter and the glowing orange of a firelight. So far it seems to keep eluding me, although I think this is largely because every attempt I have made to capture this "mood" has been done in a hurry, or in the rain, or some other situation that forced me to run through it rather than walk it out. This shot is one such version. I may need to go back with a slightly different lighting setup and try some more. Perhaps in a different location.

An Objective View, Subjectively Speaking

E ven though this post does not contain photos, I think it contains an important message for those of us that create photos, therefore all the text.           O n more than one occasion I have shown people - disinterested parties that had nothing to do with my work at that time - various photos that I had shot on a given theme, before revealing the one I thought was the best. And more than once I had people pull out a shot that I was intent on eliminating, and said how much more they liked that one. Not just one person, but usually a handful - enough to make me reconsider keeping the image.           A t first I began to think that perhaps I was not really as creative as I had thought, since all of these people gave a blank expression toward my 'crowning image', and insisted that I keep one that did not speak to me at all. Wow, didn't they see the vision I was going for? Didn't they "get" what I was doing in the shot I spent hours perfecting and tweaking? Wa

Facebook Page Back Online

J ust a quick little blurb to let anyone who reads this blog (All five of you; you know who you are) know that the CMFranke Photography Facebook page is back online. It had been taken down in order to be streamlined; The initial iteration was loaded with too many random, oddly chosen photos and mismatched watermarks from my days of trying to settle on one branding logo. Well, now we are back up and running on FB, so come along and "Like" the page, and keep tuned to the latest and greatest. Woo Hoo! (and so forth)