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Principal Photography for The Tidewatcher Wraps.

Principal photography for the Tidewatcher project was completed today on the sandbar between West Haven, and New Haven Connecticut. There is still a great deal of post-production work to be done, and a number of "pick-up shots" to be taken, but the whole thing is moving along well, and the images on the camera's LCD screen pretty much match the ones in my head, so this thing looks to be a pretty effective telling of the story. My thanks to Lloyd Meyer for playing the title role of our friend the relentless and shadowy Harbormaster!

First Shot of the New Tidewatcher!

While principal photography is still taking place, and this project is far from complete, here's a little "sneak peek" at the 'new' Tidewatcher . One quick image of the shadowy Harbormaster himself staring contemplatively across the bay as the sun sets and day turns to night. More to come..!

The Making Of: The Tidewatcher Part I

A really quick shot from "behind the scenes" on the Tidewatcher Project.