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A Picture is Worth How Much..?

M ost of the entries I have written on this blog consist of me rambling about my latest project, or why “Cinematic Style” photography is the coolest thing in the history of cool things and how the entire planet should be digging it,   blah, blah, blah. This one will be a little different. This one is for all of us out there who call ourselves photographers – be it part time, full time, commercial, wedding, or what have you. This one is for all of us in the business. Because the business is changing. Lately I hear more and more about litigious clients, people trying to pit photographers against each other, and stupid schemes to get photographers to work for free. Over and over we see people stealing someone’s photo, cropping out the watermark, and using it for their own purposes; as if that were a perfectly acceptable  practice among normal, thinking humans. The photography community is understandably confounded by this and is becoming increasingly (and rightly) vocal about these