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The Soul of Photography

       Recently, due to a major family crisis and several other issues that came rushing in on me all at once, I was pulled away from "my own" photography. I phrase it that way because as those in the business know, you can be contracted / paid to do photography; but it might not be the work that you will later gauge your progress as an artist with.
       In that time 'away' I was able to step back and take an honest look at my work. To see it more objectively than I had in the past. To realize that some things worked - and some things did not. Some ideas needed to be refined; to metamorphose to their next logical form. And others simply needed to be pruned away. Such realizations are not easy when we are so closely "married" to our creative vision.
       I think it is important for all who aspire to be photographers to reach this stage - perhaps many times. We need to step back every now and then and really, honestly look at what we are doing and ask ourse…