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Behind the Scenes: The Original Tidewatcher

As work continues on the new, web based version of The Tidewatcher, I thought it might be fun to go all the way back to the very FIRST rendition of the idea, in a behind the scenes shot from the early 1990's. Here we see the original creators of the film, on the left: Tim Guest. In the center, Ray Guiliano. And myself on the far right. (I have no idea what was going on with my hair and clothing in that shot.) We were down on the West Haven Connecticut shoreline, shooting title FX on a SUPER 8mm FILM CAMERA, when this image was captured by a photographer for the New Haven Register newspaper. It made it to page 2 of the following morning's edition! A blast from the past, and one of the reasons I had to go back to the original locations to bring this story to life once again. Get ready... He's on his way.

Post Production on The Tidewatcher

With most of the principal photography for The Tidewatcher now completed, it's now on to the post-production phase. This is the area where a lion's share of the time will be spent, as there are several shots called for in the 'story' that are impossible to achieve without some heavy-duty special effects. While this aspect is definitely the most enjoyable part, it does push the anticipated completion time up considerably, since it "...has to be done right to be done right." Updates and "teaser" shots coming soon!