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Tidewatcher Project Update: 3/24/2010

For any who may have been familiar with the old version of The Tidewatcher from the short film of the early 90's, the upcoming web-based re-telling will be substantially different. No longer an impossible shadow figure from some odd parallel-dimesion, this new version is much more reality based. The character's appearance does take a surreal turn, yet there is a somewhat logical explanation for this. And the underlying story behind the imagery is based on plausible events. Needless to say, I'm hoping that the end result will be very compelling and visually interesting. Coming soon, to an all new gallery on the site...

Photography for The Tidewatcher begins.

The recent, and long awaited, burst of warmer weather in the North-East has allowed for preliminary photography on The Tidewatcher to begin today. While the principal photo-shoot is slated for the beginning of April in West Haven CT, I was able to head over to Lighthouse Park in New Haven for some pickup shots that will be digitally melded into those later images. This should be an interesting re-telling of the story, if all goes according to plan!

New Gallery Coming to the Website

Within the coming weeks a new gallery will make its appearance on the SeeFranke website. More than just another collection of photos, this will be a 'showcase page' which will allow for the playing out of a story-in-photos. It will, of course, take the form of the slideshow format already used on the site. This, however, will be a "movie" made up of still images. Stay tuned, more to come!

Tidewatcher Reboot: Update 3/8/2010

An Update on the Tidewatcher project - After a conversation with one of the character's original co-creators, and some talks with a tentative 'performer' for the role, the project may be going in newer and larger directions than was first anticipated. It is too early to 'carve anything in stone' just yet, but this just may be a whole new - and more effective - realization of the 'legend' than had been possible in the past. Stay tuned... He is on the way.