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A Blurb about This Blog

T here will be some HUGE changes to this blog in the coming days... E ssentially it has dawned upon me that the reason people come to a photography blog - or at least this one - is not to have me ramble on and on with my thoughts about the art and science of photography. It is to SEE some photography! Philosophy and an eloquently stated world-view are nice, but they can take up 'a thousand words'. And we all know what is worth a thousand words... So: On with the pictures! S tarting this summer, the blog will be redesigned and will henceforth be a place to see photographs ; along with a little behind the scenes information as to the how's and whys that went into the creation. So get ready for a much more visual blog, as I stop telling you - and start SHOWING you - how I can put you in pictures!!

The Pursuit of Likelyness

R ecently I had a chance to step back and think seriously about what got me started in photography at the beginning. I venture to guess it was the same thing that got many people into this field: A love of creating images. I see an image, a certain way, in my mind - and I want to create what I envision. Or I see something before me that strikes me as a visually powerful moment, and I want to record it to remember for years to come. When I got started with a camera, these were the reasons I pressed the shutter button. I wanted to create the image that I wanted to create. Later on - when I was shooting for others, I wanted to let them see their wedding, or their portrait, or their product in all of it's glory. To do justice to whatever it was, above all else. These are probably the same stepping stones that most photographers take. But somewhere along the line we can wander off...           T echnology being what it is, we are now able to communicate and network with one another -