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Showing posts from March, 2011

Ramping Up to Wrap Up..!

Finally, after a relentless winter that piled on endless snow, we will be actually wrapping up the absolute last and final shots of this long-protracted Tidewatcher project at week's end. After a little review of what would have been the finished product, it was determined that some additional shots were needed to beef up the storyline. Unfortunately due to the foot-and-a-half of frozen January nastiness that mercilessly lingered in each of the needed locations, this could not even be attempted until now. Finally - if all goes according to plan - these last shots will be done. Now I remember why this thing took forever to make as a short film, many years ago...

Update to the Website

A new version of has finally gone live. It is mostly a refinement of the old site - nothing too earth-shaking or monumental. But the new, full-screen format allows for some bigger and better imagery in the days to come! Maximize your screens and get ready... Some new stuff is on the way! ( )